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Quick qns will this uml thing affect job application? Ive tried applying for dozens of jobs including those warehouse logistics positions with no experience needed. But to no avail
I doubt they are an organization like HK or Macau triad or snakeheads. Sorry to disappoint you. Our late MM LKY, which happens ytd was the annivessary of his death, have virtually wipe out this goons back in the 70s.

Today these UMLs run their operation remotely (Malaysia?) and recruit runners using victims here that are threatened via call or whatsapp. They use local numbers that belong to victims or prepaid ones owned by foreigners that is leaving Singapore.

It just pure no luck you still unable to find a job.

I think many of us imagine too highly of their operation or "organization". We watch too many triad or gangster movies.

In this day of terrorist threat, our Home team is at their highest alert to any form of threat including any form of public disturbance or harassment.

Some reported they borrowed from 20 UML, for all we know, they are the same persons with 20 different phones.

And also, for all we know, those terrorist are using this MO to fund themselves.

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