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I remember even good project like grandeur park has 10000 visitors thronged the SF and first day sales was 50%? Most of the 1 and 2 bedder are always gone first. Now still left limited 4/5 bedders. Still got pple buying every month. Bigger units no doubt need abit more time to find buyers.

For treasure, Genuine buyers for self stay purpose will slowly come back for the 3-5 bedders. (If they see other projects bigger units are launching sky high price and if they not enough Budget) No hurry la, this is the second day only. 260 units sold on first day kinda surprise me already.
Ya, the next to go will be the 2 bedders but the % for the others seems really disproportionate compared to others.
Maybe it's because it's a super big project and takes a longer time to build so those looking for own stay not too keen and decided to take a wait and see approach hoping there will be better upcoming projects~
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