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I got the 2 bedder with 2 toilet unit. But the common toilet is the smaller one compared to the actual 2 bedder with 2 toilets.

The unit I gotten is the more rare units in the development with only 23 units in total and all on level 12 only.

The price compared with the actual 2 bedder 2 toilets is so much lesser.

Why I feel Parc esta is reasonable at 16xx-17xxpsf becos it’s just one stop away from PLQ (2000psf). Of cos PLQ has a lot of proximity advantage la compared to Parc esta.

Congrats. I feel treasure won’t lose money, but I just feel too many units for this project. So how many bedder u bought? If u dun wish to say also nvm. I just kaypo only. Hehe
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