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I believe you and I know these runners are made up of victims of loansharks coerced to do these harassments, courier service people who are clueless or those who want to make a quick buck.They do the crime then must do the time.

The UMLs have no balls to do these harassments themselves except talking cock on phone or keyboard warriors.

I don't judge these runners, just pity their poor judgement between helping themselves(those who are victims) or the UMLs.

It seems these UMLs are getting desperate. Every runner they recruit must be arrested ASAP.Their funds are getting dry.

That's why this thread is a very good source of information.

Personally I will not be sick or tired of advising or helping new victims.
Green - thanks for carrying the light on this forum for the recent victims. Only victims can understand the pain we all go through, let us get the information out and squeeze them dry until they give up.
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