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Seriously i hope that SPF can really take into action n wipe out the UML.
How can it be wiped out when got so many people desperately need for money ?
They know that they should go to bank for personal loan if need money but they choose not to borrow from bank.
They purposely choose the loan shark to borrow the money and pray very hard that the loan shark to turn out is legal money lender.
You borrow $100 also tio harrass.
You borrow $1 million also tio harrass, why not borrow $1 million then curse them as scammer and report them to police ?
No need to pay back right after make police report ?
Become millionaire overnight.
That's why loan shark always test loan with small amount of money such as $300 or $500.
If you're still poor at 35, you deserve it!
He knew what he signed up for.
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