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Sometime is not ppl dun wan to go to the bank for loan, but always kena reject. So have no choice but to take up from LML or UML. Ppl borrow from LS not we dun wan to pay back n make police report. They tooknus for advantage make us corner till we have no road to go. Pay oso kena nv pay oso kena. Pay $1 wan $100 pay $100 wan $1000. So ls dun blame us for the move we make it ls who ownself wan de. Fuvk them la. All kena catch better.
How to catch loan shark when they are not even in Singapore ?
What you saw those are runners like what you had said maybe no road to run and desperate for money.
Some is debtor turn runner.

If you're still poor at 35, you deserve it!
He knew what he signed up for.
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