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Hi xiaofan, how's the MXQ Pro H96 Max 4/64GB with the RK3328? I can't seem to find if it supports any form of cast from cellphone, thanks.
As for the box, common name is H96 Max Plus which comes with RK3328 CPU, USB 3.0 plus USB 2.0, dual band wifi and 100 Mbps Ethernet.

I have one such box and it is fine for streaming. My one comes with Android 7.1 but new one may come with Android 8.1. In my experiences it is not as good as my other H96 box, H96 Pro Plus Amlogic S912 3GB/32GB box which has gigabit Ethernet and faster CPU and faster WiFi. Price should be similar. The only thing better for the H96 Max Plus is the support of USB 3.0.

Within the H96 Series, H96 Max RK3399 is the performance king but expensive. H96 Max X2 S905X2 based may be the best now compared to H96 Max Plus and H96 Pro Plus. It kind of combines the best of the two.

BTW 4GB/32GB will be more than enough for TV boxes if you want to buy H96 Max Plus or H96 Max X2.

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