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I bought Lenovo ideapad from them (Infinito Atrix). I trusted them since they are authorised dealer according to Lenovo website.

My mistake was I opened the package after 2 week time since I have already checked the laptop at the shop and I was busy to look at it. Power cord was missing.

Contacted to their given ph nos. One replied after like I can even give birth a baby. Told them to deliver since it was their careless. They refused to deliver and didnít even say sorry. I just didnít want to talk too much nor complain with those idiots. So I went and collected the cord.

Gohh! Laptop were not charged even though power cable is connected. It shut down itself automatically and could not be turned on. Lenovo service came down and checked. Motherboard was damaged. How the hell brand new laptop motherboard was damaged?

So please be careful with this irresponsible shop. Lack of respect and lousy service.
In fact, there is no difference price buying Lenovo official website directly and all those authorized retail shop. I checked on this ideapad on Lenovo website it is even cheaper.

So your motherboard spoil but still under warranty right?

I know you just bought it but who knows they give u a refurbished set with no warranty...
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