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I just start playing .. is it abit too late to start ?
Its nvr too late to start bro...

I played 2 yrs ago when this game first started.. then deleted the game when i reach some football kid level..

The game has added much more interesting features over these 2 yrs, so I reinstall the game abt 2 months ago,start all over again and I am able to rise new team from 50,000 to 635,000. Powering up the team is easy but leveling up the skills is going to take time. Just don't get discourage when you meet players with S shot 99, S save 99 and A(Ex) 80 level during online game. It will take lots of patience and long time..

Now everyday login for few mins to get 3-4 free Dbs
Hopefully end of Month Dreamfeast spin can get more powerful players
Come join us at SG_Club, make great our "Singapore Legends Soccer Club.
Hopefully end of yr, one of SG_Club members can cross 700k.. without spending a single cents on game

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