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I have this player through a SSR ticket. He has Passive skill Stats +50% with an advantage at Match-up. Anyone know what this is?

Is he worth evolving? He does has hidden abilities, but shot is a bit weak.. only level A shot. Worth to unlock his hidden skill?

Passive Skill
S Insight Master
Stats +50% with an advantage at Match-up

Hidden Ability Evolution
(Opponent) Defence -10%
(Opponent) Agility-type players: Defence -10%
Rain/Puddle Resistance
Not affected by rain and puddles.
English Player Killer
Stats +50% vs. English players
Fiery Potential
The lower the Stamina, the higher the stat boost (Max +50%).
Generally not worth it for PvP. He might be useful for future raids if the keeper or defenders are English. But it's hard to justify that, since his shot is still an A.

If you lack resources like drills then do NOT evolve him. Otherwise, feel free to evolve (I myself evolve whatever nonsense units since one day I may need them for Challenge Roads or HA Raids)
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