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I came across some models that are similar to AX40K3020GWD

KJ310F-K3020PW (Similar to AX40K3020GWD but lacks Virus Doctor and has a 42W power consumption)
KJ350G-K3026WP (Similar to AX40K3020GWD but has a 47W power consumption and CADR is 350m^3/h vs 325.7m^3/h for AX40K3020GWD)

It seems like the models starting with KJ might be produced in China for the Chinese market and maybe the motor might be different from the AX40 model which might explain the higher power consumption.

The price on Taobao looks fairly decent. I'm just wondering if the Chinese models are as reliable as the Korean one.

Just pick up a piece or 2 of AX40 from carousell for $50-100, wait for it.

Then slap on some Taobao H11-H12 filters. Cut it up and/or fit some bubble wrap at the sides.

Can do one, measured and tested, no issue. The CADR would be lower but that's not a biggie, coz noise levels also would go down a bit. So it's like a medium-high fan speed setting.
1-hr ug/m3 + PSI
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