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iMac 2017 (5k retina) or Mac Mini + external Monitor


I currently have a iMac 2017 (5k retina) and 2 Windows laptop -- one issued by company, one for my own personal use.

I was initially thinking of using my iMac to run OSX, and also use as external monitor to hook up either of my Windows laptop via Target Display Mode. But of course after a while, I realized the iMac 2017 5k display don't support target display mode. In addition, due to space constraint, I am unable to put two monitors side by side. So I am faced with a dilemma.

Should I sell my iMac and get a Mac Mini + external monitor? I will still be able to run OSX on my mac mini, and also individually hook up my windows laptop.

Or is there any swivel mounting arm that allow me to physically toggle between my imac and the external monitor? I have about 50cm of space behind my imac.

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