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You already did whatever for protection. Whatever it comes, have to stay strong and be firm.

It my 4th day (I guess so). So far, nothing. I still have to carry on with my life. Currently my mom's health is not doing well too. So I have been taking few days off to be at home. I can't be keep thinking about them. My sleep is better now except when that's some knocking noise (reno above), I will woke up thinking someone knocking at my door. Other than that, I really don't wanna stress myself.

Relax la bro.
Our lady here is tough too.
Dont let this disturb your life. Just carry on the usual.

Cannot even sleep....... Dunno commando wan come anot*

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Hi there,
Wish you all the best too! Life goes on no matter what happened. Look forward to more exciting journeys!
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