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Haiz they call up my office and send msg to my nok all liao. Say they wan come ask me what colour i wan. Damn stress sia. Nothing good happen. FML seriously. Any new menmbers see this msg here. Pls pls pls do not step into our big bro n big sis n myself road. The road is very diff to walk.
Brother, they are messing with your head right now. They are just trying to scare the hell out of you. If they really want to come and splash paint, they would have done so why need to text and ask what colour and all. You see they are tormenting mentally and emotionally. And the only way to win this fight is to be mentally and emotionally strong. They are out there trying to make your life miserable and it can only happen if you allow it to happen.
Man up and f*ck care about them. You still have a life ahead of you. You still got bills to pay, family to take care of.

Be strong and be brave alright. Jiayou! 💪
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