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I think there are three configurations, 2GB/32GB, 4GB/32GB and 4GB/64GB.

32GB storage are more than enough for TV boxes, in fact 16GB should be enough for most people.

For RAM 2GB is the minimum requirement for new purchase. 4GB is good to have. So I will go for the 4GB/32GB configuration myself.

FYI I just got two Tanix boxes from Taobao, hand itchy again...

Tanix TX5 Max S905X2 box is pretty good, Android 8.1, 4GB RAM, 32GB Storage, Gigabit Ethernet, fast dual band Wifi. Performance is very good, very fast and very smooth even compared to my previous best box the S912 3GB/32GB based H96 Pro Plus which has also Gigabit Ethernet and dual band wifi but lacks USB 3.0.

Tanix Alice UI is nothing special but I think Tanix does put some efforts to optimize the performance whereas unknown box vendors do not.

The other box is Tanix TX6 with Allwinner H6 CPU running Android 9, the first of the TV boxes running Android 9 for Allwinner CPUs. Android 9 is not recommended as of now since there are quite a bit of app compatibility issues, just for a quick test I already found two apps not working well including one of my favorite app for Chinese live TV -- CJZB 超级直播 where the built-in channels are not working.

Beelink support is hopefully better than Tanix as it is more known vendor. Still it is a tough fight between Beelink GT1 Mini and Tanix TX5 Max. I usually go for cheaper one myself... And I like the external Antenna in Tanix TX5 Max.

Tanix Facebook does have quite some negative comments on firmware upgrade support or older box. But that is pretty common for low cost boxes. Not so sure how good Beelink is in this aspect.
Thanks. Earlier i ordered Beeling GT1 Mini 4Gb/ 32GB box from lazada. Hope its good
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