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Thank you for the advice. Already got refund for Can I ask what's the benefit of subscribing to Transocks or SpeedIn other than ad-free? Is there a boost in speed as I find the free version of Transocks is able to load iqiyi at HD with ease already.
Transock got two version, ad supported version and the pro version.

If you are happy with the free version of Transocks like I do, no need to pay for it. The ads are not bad. And you get 720p which is the max you can get from those Youku/iQiyi/Tencent Video without paying for VIP.

On the other hand if you want better experiences, pay for the VIP for iQiyi to get 1080p HDR and no ads. Then you may start to see whether the speed of Transocks ads supported version is good enough or not.

For SpeedIn, the free line is not good and the VIP line is definitely better than the free line. You can try the VIP line for free in 30 minutes block by checking in from the Android version. Every check-in (once per day) gets 30 minutes.

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