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Hi all

My 5 days of quietness is over. The LS started to message me and asking for transfer some more money. As I have paid already him double of the amount. I don’t want to pay anymore. I did had the courage to tell my Wife. She get angry but it was my mistake. Now he threaten to burn my house.

I already made a report to the police initially. As they said they can make a statement once they threaten me. As there was no bad threat initially. He message me and said that he will burn the house.

Should I just block the number or just let it and ignore?

Thank you.
Report this msg to the police. SPF takes these threats very seriously.

Then block the number or vice versa. But make sure when you block that number, do not delete the msg cos you need to report it to the police. Or you do a screen shot first then block.

Just in case the whole msg is deleted after blocking.

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