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Hi all

My 5 days of quietness is over. The LS started to message me and asking for transfer some more money. As I have paid already him double of the amount. I donít want to pay anymore. I did had the courage to tell my Wife. She get angry but it was my mistake. Now he threaten to burn my house.

I already made a report to the police initially. As they said they can make a statement once they threaten me. As there was no bad threat initially. He message me and said that he will burn the house.

Should I just block the number or just let it and ignore?

Thank you.
Bro..My advice to you is to change your mobile number. I used to be badly affected by all this msges as well. Changing number will at least let u have some peace metally. What i did last time was to explain the my neighbour what i had went through n seek for their understanding and let them had some preparation. Install a cctv at a visbible location to all to deter them for at least setting fire as getting caught is no joke.
U really must convince yourself that what is the worst can happen. Call the police regarding this threat.They will at least increase patrol in your area.
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