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Adam0210, close and open bank account in case other victim report your account. Normally LS will give acct of another victim so they can bankroll money without being identified.

So since you paid b4, u are considered "working" for them and your acct could be frozen. Faster change acct.

If u realised and decide not to pay anymore, u shld have prepared urself for harassment.

Shld already block their numbers, they only have a certain amount of numbers to use.

While CCTV is important, I guess many of us are financially not stable and CCTV can stretch the wallet but if you have budget, best to install. Or rather wait for free SPF one. PM if interested to install your own.
I really want to install CCTV. But do I need approval from town counsel? I canít pm you coz I have only 6 posts. I must have 10. And I canít change my account for now. As my account also been hacked. There was unauthorised transaction that cost 500 dollars.

Iím really confused now what to do. Iím going to the police station to make report now.
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