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I really want to install CCTV. But do I need approval from town counsel? I canít pm you coz I have only 6 posts. I must have 10. And I canít change my account for now. As my account also been hacked. There was unauthorised transaction that cost 500 dollars.

Iím really confused now what to do. Iím going to the police station to make report now.
What i did was I bring my police report to my TC the same day I install CCTV. TC approval letter will take a week to receive by then something might already happened.

So install first then apply TC approval. TC a bit slow to such request.No need tell TC about you already install cctv.

As with Police report, you could do it online since UML activities is consider not an emergency or life threatening case even if it's a death threat by msg.

Go bank and do parallel transfer, open new account and close the other. The more reason to do it since got hack. My worry is your account get frozen, then you don't have funds for daily expenses.
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