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hi Guys,

thinking of getting Ipad Air 2019.
But see from youtube video (although those are mainly for USA), there is some discount to ipad Pro 2017 9.7" model.. and in comparison, seems like it is a better deal to get the ipad Pro 2017 9.7" model
i think even Msia forum, some people also mentioning there is some bargain on the ipad pro 2017 9.7" model.

Do we have similar offer in Singapore? I would like to go take a look on this.
So any advices?
I think I would go for the 10.5”. Of course that depends on preference also (whether you prefer bigger or smaller screen). Also what is the savings. So far, I didn’t see any 9.7” iPad Pro on offer. Apple lazada is selling the old 10.5” iPad Pro
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