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I had check pith SPF. They mentioned that thereís no problem of puttin a CCTV in your own without the TC approval. As Long as it dontbtake video of your neighbour house. As for flat. Itís in the corner. And thereís no house beside it. Except for a staircase. So I can put the Camera facing that side.

The only thing police mentioned is to be alert and inform my neighbours. Thatís all. He havenít message me back since yesterday.

I wonder how can we trap this LSís. I think itís time for them to pay their crimes and not just the runners. As the runners suffer. They have their faults as well coz they donít have any choice. Coz they canít pay. And much more worst is the threats that they get from them. Itís just a pity to see teenagers doing Runner coz of their mistakes.

If thereís like a device can trace the phone when they call you. It will be very useful in this kind of predicament. And we can able to Cathcart these people even I they are in or out of Singapore.

Thanks for the reply. Iím just waiting for few more days then I can change my bank account number.

If you don't borrow money from them, you will ended in this type of situation ?
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