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Hi all, im Malaysian and working in SG. Having some issue with the LS. They contacted me after i submitted online application and i submitted the document and detail. Then my loan approved. Initially they told me monthly loan and now they keep pushing me for weekly payment. When i argue back with them, one of the LS went to my old Malaysia address and wrongly pour the paint to new tenant car and house and stick my picture there. I been contacted by new tenant about this and i told them not aware on this. Since as i know apply legally. I get advise from my one of SG fren and went to office address provided in the website and its fake. My friend told me its illegal lenders. Im willing to pay them the full payment on my next salary since i dont want any trouble. But they keep harassing me, today they say will send someone to JB address and burn the house. Im very confused with what to do. My friend advice not to go SPF. Bcs worried i loose my job. He ask me share here and will get some solution or idea. Seeking a humble request and please help to advice on this..
Siao Liao...
You know how's powerful Ah Long in Malaysia compare to Singapore, no need we talk much about it.
Those steps you saw here in this forum is not applicable to you.
SPF can't help you and SPF has no power go over to JB.
Please make a police report to your Malaysian police and try look for this guy.
I think you know who is him.

If you're still poor at 35, you deserve it!
He knew what he signed up for.
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