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PS. Anyway, for those who wants to get Aircon but are very afraid of all the ABCDEFG maintenance costs and problem of getting legit good AC technicians to service your aircon (else will breakdown or run inefficiently) and also the fuss of needing to take half day leave to have someone at home to jagar the AC tech....... not to mention that it's not cheap nowadays for good servicing.......then i can give you some help also.

There is this DIY AC servicing thread. All the tips are in there.
Read from page 168 onwards, all the updated and latest streamlined and most efficient/effective tips are in there.

Guys! You all got DIY clean your aircon blower ?

PS. That $20-30 aircon servicing is really not servicing. Also even if you DIY vacuum clean and use wet vacuum to suck the drainage pipe is also not called aircon servicing.
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