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thanks for the reply. I was hoping for more information then what could be extracted from the net. Like SPF even though they state the same career track, we still see many ASP that are in ASP for 6 7 years? Was hoping for a personal account of someone that is in ICA currently

Also its really more of the ease of transferring to departments that i am concern. Sure when i am young, i wouldnt mind shift but when my family is formed, definitely will hope for a more stable timing

You can check ICA rank from this link: .

You will start as P/INSP -> INSP(1) -> INSP(2) -> ASP(1), you think you will make it in 4 years time? After that will be ASP(2) -> DSP(1) -> DSP(2) -> SUPT(1) -> SUPT(1A).

After SUPT(1A), the next promotion will be DAC. From DAC & above, they should be under 'Administrative Officer' scheme like DAC(GR10) -> AC(GR9) -> SAC(GR9) -> SAC(GR8) and so on. However most of them are cross over from SPF rather than promoted within ICA.

No one now know your deployment for Developmental Posting after Foundational Posting cause it is up to ICA and available vacancy at that point of time. It can be shift work again or office hour job!

Developmental Posting
As part of your career posting, you will gain greater exposure to ICA’s line operations. With suitable aptitude, you may be deployed to perform enforcement-related work, including conducting investigations and operations to detect illegal immigrants, smugglers and contraband. You may also be deployed to Services Centres to assess applications for travel documents, permanent residency, citizenship, National Registration Identity Cards (NRIC) and other passes or permits. The deployment options also enable you to develop skills in the areas of planning and review, operations management and policy administration. There are opportunities to complete posting stints overseas.

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