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Hi, will be heading to Taiwan coming April and i have some problem with my planning. Will be travelling in 2 and here’s our current draft plan:

Day 1: Touch down & explore at Kaohsiung
Day 2: 1 day Kenting Trip
Day 3: HSR to Chiayi and explore
Day 4: Planning to watch sunrise at Alishan
Day 5: HSR to Taichung and Fengjia
Day 6: HSR to Taipei and explore
Day 7: Hualien plus stay (if necessary)
Day 8: Yilan
Day 9 & 10: Taipei (Jiu and Shifen and other places)
Day 11: Taipei airport and back to SG (afternoon flight)

As we will be carrying our luggage, so will need some place to settle down our luggage.

I feel Day 6 - Day 8 seems abit weird and unsure if staying 1 day at Hualien is require.

Hope you guys can give some advice.
1) 1 day 1 place is not possible to enjoy.
2) You have to calculate the transport time.
3) To see alishan sunrise, you need to stay a night there, sunrise train move out very early.
4) day 5- 9/10, look at the map to plan yr route. You are making big circle.
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