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2) will be taking the early morning bus and rent a scooter at kenting to travel around, will take evening bus back to Kaohsiung.

3) true, or is it better to just travel from Kaohsiung to alishan, stay there for 1 night, next day after sunrise then head down to Chiayi.

4) Ya I’m aware of that, but when I search Taichung to Hualien, it shows to pass by Taipei and yilan to hualien.

Taipei will be the final destination, just have to fit in hualien and Yilan.


1) 1 day 1 place is not possible to enjoy.
2) You have to calculate the transport time.
3) To see alishan sunrise, you need to stay a night there, sunrise train move out very early.
4) day 5- 9/10, look at the map to plan yr route. You are making big circle.
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