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Received my offer letter from the Ministry yesterday.

Here is my timeline:
Nov 18: Interview
Dec 18: EL EPT
Jan 19: EL EPT Results
Feb 19: Medical Check-Up
March 19: Offer Letter

For EL EPT: I asked if my NUS English for Academic Purpose Modules could cover/exempt me for EL EPT, they replied saying that the EL EPT does not have exemption criteria. If you are asked to sit for it, you must sit and pass it to be further considered for employment. EL EPT cost $110.

Hope this timeline is helpful.

All the best to the everyone waiting. Do note that no news is indeed good news.
Hi abbs94, congrats n thks for sharing! May I know what subjects are u offered and when will u start yo teaching stint?
Agree w matyoyo88 that the time line w EPT is long and very tight for teaching stint to start in june/July this year.
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