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Really good money if you think in another point of view. $15k X 10 LS = $150k free money when don't pay back after make police report and as advised by IO.

I myself own LS 10-11 LS . Even im in deep **** . Regret for what ive done. Never think of my family and siblings . Even till now they asking full payment by end month . Which is this month . So i feel like im not gonna pay them everything . After i calculate almost hit 15k. Each of them . But no matter what guys dont ever surrender your atm and token . Once they hold u regret . Quickly close that card and token . Report police . Dont become thier runners or advertising website . Not worth it . Can be charge for it . Even my IO say don't ever pay them back a single cent , cos once you pay them . The transaction is not thier account its all the debtors who cant pay them all . Once u transfer and get caught , consider money laundering . Thats what my IO say . So i rather listen . Even till now they keep asking when can pay all that . Im like a dumb **** replying to them . Really regret for this life ive made .

Please dont ever surrender anything to them . Let them splash or what . Apply for fire protection insurance at hdb or for information . I may not know well already but as what going to happen i let them come over. CCTV already installed using my cousin cheap cheap cctv . As long u can see everything . Its good
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