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Main benefit of VoLTE is clearer calls. The difference will vary from user to user, but in my experience, it's like day and night. Sadly, there's no cross-carrier VoLTE support in SG.

Depends on location as well as phone models. Huawei Mate 20 is one of the few that can leverage the 1Gbps network of Starhub and SingTel.

Also, your Starhub connection seemed to be limited to 3.5G. The logo shown was H+. (under Q5) (under Gigabit 4G+)
Could it be phone issues that's causing the slow download upload speed? I am using old Redmi Note 4. But then again I am using same phone when testing the m1 sim card wor...

Same location, same phone, two different sim card. Am I right to narrow down the speed issue to telco? Btw, I realise my new simcard (SH) has not ported over my old (m1) number. Would this be one of the reason for the slow speed on SH?

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