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2) will be taking the early morning bus and rent a scooter at kenting to travel around, will take evening bus back to Kaohsiung.

3) true, or is it better to just travel from Kaohsiung to alishan, stay there for 1 night, next day after sunrise then head down to Chiayi.

4) Ya Iím aware of that, but when I search Taichung to Hualien, it shows to pass by Taipei and yilan to hualien.

Taipei will be the final destination, just have to fit in hualien and Yilan.

3) KS HSR to Chaiyi, take bus up to alishan, bus alone take about 2hrs+. Next morning, go sunrise train buy ticket, straight away to zhunshan station. Sunrise depend on luck, I not lucky due to fogging. After that can explore the trails then take bus down.
4) Taichung to Hualien need book driver, can alishan/Chiayi to Hualien also. This way, you will be on the right route to yilan, jiufen, shifen, then Taipei.

If hotel book then gg liao.
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