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If your company has CIS and the telco went down to your company for roadshow, it worths for you to take a look.

I got quite a good offer today. Sign up for starhub $50 plan. Got additional free 800 mins talk time. With CIS, monthly cost is $40. Purchase Mate 20 X at $79 and sold it off at $840. Divide the profit by 24 mths, monthly I am like paying less than $9 for 900 mins outgoing calls, 15gb data with unlimited weekends.

Got another deal for M1 CIS roadshow too. Lite+ plan with CIS is $25.50 monthly. They give 400 mins outgoing calls and 8gb data. Bought iphone xs (64gb) for $800 and sold for $1270. Divide the profit by 24 mths. Monthly cost for the plan is less than $6.

So actually if you have the opportunity, should take a look at such plans. It is definitely cheaper than the current sim-only plans.

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