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i read that having some indoor plants help.

recently i bought 2 plants - snake plants, also known as mother in law tongue.

was told it actually purifier the air while releasing oxygen at night.
I'd just give a short ans and say that it won't work fast enough for VOCs to get any meaningful % drop, unless maybe if you can plant all 4 walls, ceiling and floors full of them.

And it wouldn't touch the particulate matter (haze).

Of coz some folks are nature lovers, that is a viable solution if one does not mind filling up the room with lots of suitable plants. If it's just for "play play" coz plants in a room does look nice and does absorb a wee wee bit of VOCs, then go ahead.

For guarding against another sungai kim kim incident that might be 5X, 10X bigger, don't try this. Remember, over 200 pax were hospitalised in Johor just 3km distance away from Punggol Northshore residences in Singapore. We are lucky this time round, simply coz Punggol Northshore is still not yet TOP, and the nearest completed HDB blocks are really a fair bit farther away.

Not trying to featmonger, but if one has kids/elderly/heath issues, then i'd really ask these folks living there to be mighty mindful. Once you are able to smell the first solid wave of VOCs, it's already in the room. Closing the windows only helps to prevent any further increase in levels if external levels really do spike further.

Srsly, if closing the windows do work, there wouldn't be > 1000 pax needing medical attention in hospitals in Johor already. Just normal common sense at work here.

Or maybe someone in our govt is thinking that the JHKs have IQs less than 60 and cannot close windows or something.
1-hr ug/m3 + PSI

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