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Where r staying? Punggol feels ok

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South side. If you are into weather as well, during the NE monsoon season, the N/NE wind at night would drop the N/NE parts first and faster than the other parts. It's possible that if you are living in Punngol esp if nearer to the water parts, there is not much landmass/buildings to further retain heat during the day and heat up the air. Called the urban heat island effect.

The straits of Johor and waters around Tekong is not a very big area, but it can still cause a localised effect.

The difference is not big of course....the place where this effect is zero would be Pulau Ubin, Lim Chu Kang, the urban heat island effect affects a large part of the island still esp the more built up areas, but it's there.

We are just starting intermonsoon season, then the N/NE cooling first effect (small one) would not be there already. SW monsoon period of course don't say, and that's also the indon haze season period, the period when you might be using the AP. Then we get intermonsoon again from end Oct to late Nov.

And nope, zero rain just now in Singapore and JB seen on the weather affect the temps.

BTW ignore Ubin and LCK areas as well. No urban heat island effect.
It's 2AM now though...but just to show the effect.

1-hr ug/m3 + PSI

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