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Hi everyone, I just bought a Philips DE5205/30 2in1 air purifier/dehumidifer during the Lazada sale. Dust still appears on my desk and other furniture, heck it also started to settle on top of the air purifier itself. Is this normal for an air purifier?
which AP is good for removing dust and small particulate for a normal bedroom size?
best is small size AP

Air purifiers won't take care of dust, unless it's swtiched on 24/7 and at a high enough airflow wind speed, ie gonna be noisy.

That is why it's recommended to (1) get a higher max airflow model and of big size, like the X83C Plus mentioned 2-3 pages earlier.
(2) multiple units of small stuff, like the Xiaomi 2S.

eg The Xiaomi 2S has 310m3/hr, impressive for its size......but then they are squeezing that value out. Nothing wrong with just dial it down to around 120-150 m3/hr for normal daily/nightly operation, yet you have the power to blast it during periods of heavy haze.
1-hr ug/m3 + PSI

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