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But if you have allergies in the aircon room (Aircon FCU black mold issue + dust mite droppings accumulated in the mattress and to a certain limited extent accumulated in the insides of the aircon FCU and then recirculated in the room during AC operation) and you are expecting this to cure your allergies, then this low airflow of around 120-150 m3/h is not going to help much. Worse, some modes are actually around 30-50 m/3hr.
And then the medium mode and high modes are too noisy, though they do flow ok.

You can't operate a high airflow at night while sleeping too, unless you are wearing ear plugs. Unless it's like the Samsung AX40, which is pretty silent for the kind of airlow that it flows.

Basically for allergy cases, you want at least a 5 ACH / air changes per hr, preferably 8-10 air changes per hour. Calculate the volume of your room, then use the airflow figure divide by this. Don't worry about having furnitures in the room, just L x W x H, you could use the extra buffer too....... coz the filter does drop in airflow slowly over time as well etc.

3.7 x 5.5 x 3m HDB MBR you get 61 m3. A 150 m3/hr air purifier gets you 2.5 ACH only.

So if you use air purifier solely to solve the issue, it is not so easy to get 8-10 ACH. Better to get rid of the source, ie aircon seriving every 1 to a max of 3 months. And not the general servicing, but chemical wash every 1-3 months.
And so that presents another issue - use alkaline coil cleaner and the aircon evaporator aluminum coil gets corroded/eaten up within 1 year.

So you learn to DIY clean it with medium to high pressure water and a cleaner (eg evaporative coil cleaner), or get a service provider to use a proper non-corrosive alkaline coil cleaner.
But if you have 2-3 FCUs to clean like that, it's likely that you'd spend 1k annually in cleaning costs. If you cannot afford to spend that kind of money, try to learn to DIY clean. The tools are not expensive.

General servicing $20-40 type of cleaning does nothing to help the situation.
Don't bother, don't waste time, don't waste money. Also, don't bother to just use a hose from the tap and spray, the 30-40 PSI even in a concentrated stream is useless. Vacuums and brushes are useless as well, very very minimal cleaning and is merely the exterior. Don't cheat yourself.
1-hr ug/m3 + PSI
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