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PS. A 310 m3/hr max blast on a Xiaomi 2S is sufficient to clean the air in the room and after 15 mins you can throttle back to 120 m3/hr or so, no issue even for external AQI of 200. Have done that before, no issue.

But for internal pollutants like dust mite droppings (esp when you toss and churn) and indoor aircon FCU black mold source with the windows closed, not really the same hor.
And at just extremely minute levels you could trigger the allergy. And unfortunately for dust mite droppings (size ranges from around 2 to 10 microns for the smallest droppings, relatively big stuff), if the filter does not capture it, then you are gonna breathe it in. But still, it's going to help to a good extent.

Aircon FCU black mold travels through the air before you breathing it in. An AP or multiple APs with high airflow ACH would help.

Very different animals vs Haze.
1-hr ug/m3 + PSI
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