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Is it the long validity sim
RM10 type?
They still have the 28-month validity, but sadly the RM10 reload is no longer one of the options.

See the Welcome Deal, in the link you'll see 4 options, so have to choose 1 of them in order to get the longer validity. (My friend chose the SP FAT10 and paid a total of RM60 yesterday.)

Of course, for OneXOX, each reload will extend the validity from the latest, as well as the payable 1-year validity extension.

P.S. If you choose that option, remember to cancel the auto-renewal for the 10GB Instant Activation which is valid for 1 month. The dealer did it for my friend yesterday. The other 10GB went into Season Pass.
Also, if you don't use voicemail, have to call CSO 12273 to get them to deactivate it for you. Do this when you're in MY otherwise there'll be overseas call charge if calling from SG.

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