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Main thing is must be a workhorse. My Sharp KC-840 11 years old liao. And i'm just using those $4 a piece China HEPA.
All China H11 HEPA (measured to be 92%), except for the Mfresh M8088A which is true H12 HEPA (it's 99% thereabouts).

3 APs in the room. Mfresh M8088A actually is in lowest fan speed, coz i don't wanna load it too much. Most of the cleaning is done by the Samsung AX40 and Sharp KC-840 with China DIY HEPA, cut in size + sides stuffed with bubble wrap for sealing.

GPGT, proof that it works.
Few days ago Singapore haze.

Sudden transient peak @ 40k+ counts @ 0.5 microns

MBR (420 counts @ 0.5)

Mfresh M8088A H12, only 10 counts @ 0.5 microns lowest reading

Sharp KC-840 China DIY H11. Samsung AX40 is similar. 20 counts @ 0.5 microns lowest reading
1-hr ug/m3 + PSI
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