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You think can choose who they send? You want to molest old auntie?

Seriously, these runners will get caught sooner or later. If UMLs think easier to recruit women since no caning, think again.

The trauma of getting arrested, charged and sent behind bars is enough for most not to repeat. UML will not bail them out, rather will leave them to die. Most are not hardcore criminals and most have never broken the law, not even litter.

To run errand for UML worth up to 5 years imprisonment is really not worth. Yes, some are forced out of "virtual" fear, threats from calls, sms or whatsapp, but still it's not worth it.

Nothing good will come out of being a UML runner.

We don't realise how precious is our personal freedom until it is forcefully taken away.
Sleeping on hard floor and prison food...I got fren who went in for some minor offence..
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