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主要角色設定:久保帶人 (BLEACH)
發售日期:2019 年冬季(歐美 2020 年春季)

Love the music, I remember each OVA has variation of the theme song (different singer, different music arrangement), they were so epic. I still have them on mp3 and listen regularly.

Wasn't the original games turn-based strategy?
didn't wanna reply u, cos if know something about sakura wars game means got abit of age

anyway ya sort of turn-based. fights abit like valkyria chronicles, got a 'action bar', u can do moving/attack till the bar depletes.

while not in battle, u can think its like persona. during your free time can walk around sian the char bor. they got additional power up if they like u (during battle).

i quite looking forward to this new sakura wars. the CV this time round also quite big shot.
"Keep your expectations low, and you'll never be disappointed"
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