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Hi poodleparade, I read through the thread and saw that you went for the interview on 21 March 2019. I did too! We might have bumped into each other 😅 anyway I received the notification email yesterday that they are still processing our teaching application and ‘if your application is successful the starting date of employment is...’ yesterday at 11:36pm. Also got the EPT availability email last Thursday 28 March. I don’t know why they sent that notification email because these details are already on the MOE website. But I Guess that’s positive for us? Anyone who went for the interview in March 2019 and received any updates?
Yeah I wondered about the purpose of the email cos you can easily find all this info on moe’s website. I hope it means good news! Or perhaps this email was meant to be sent to us after we took the interview but the staff were just a little slow about it. I hope we’ll get some proper updates soon!

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