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Yeah, on the app. Only issue is that if the AP wifi module goes bonkers, you are on your own.

My Mfresh M8088A wifi gone liao. Luckily all modes controllable on the main LCD touch screen panel.

Now if the touch screen also goes, then bye bye. These are not buttons like on Sharp APs or what, which are of coz considered to be old fashion.

For me, just on/off, fan speed, dim the front panel LEDs, can liao. No need ioniser, add humidity, internets control.....coz i have more than enough horsepower to clean the air from say 200 ug/m3 to decent levels below 50 ug/m3 within 3-4 minutes.

Main thing is must be a workhorse. My Sharp KC-840 11 years old liao. And i'm just using those $4 a piece China HEPA.
Thanks, I did not consider such potential issues. The PRO has manual button...
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