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Have you made police report? If not, please do it now.

This is something new here, in terms of tactics. Am I right to say that you had transferred back the money (no more and no less than) what they had transferred back to you?

Do let your family members know that you had been scammed and they are in the loop and know how to react “if” they were to really visit you. I know you are feeling lost now but the police will be able to guide you along.

Our police treat these type of cases seriously and do keep your correspondences (SMS/Whatsapp) and show the police.
No I had pay them the amount more than that they tranfer to me. And they are still call and text me that they didn't received it and now they want me to pay again the amount.

I had make a police report just now and now is the problem is how to tell my parents about it .if they know they will be worry and panicked for it . They are old already and I just wish that they can happy enjoy the life now . So I just wish to check with you all ,any of you recently got paint work or lock for them .now I am very worry about it cause my parents will be home
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