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Hi ,I just want to check with from you all that is any such case happen to any one of you .
This Happened start of last month , I got an brand new TV for selling online and there is one lady say that she is interested and ask after some text over whatapp and she/he said she/he want it and will transfer the money in my bank account and she/he say that would like to check and pick up from my home after work. Around 5 PM. At the time that me will be still working then she/he ask whether there is other person the can call from her to pick up so I give then my home number and parents cause they will be at home on that day .after all this she/he said that will bank transfer me the amount cause she/he dont wantto bring to much cash around and I ok with it .she/he ask me to send a picture of my Address in my ic cause scare of scammer online .I think is is also true of what she/he and I did it. At the end of the day there is nobody pick up the TV when I reach home . After all that ,the next day I call the number but cannot get true and I forget it since I got no lose of anything.but after a few day I received an whatapp text and some call for unknown person said that I have taken a loan for them and want me to repay the the amount that they ask or they will send people to my home .at that point of time I was scare and worry about it and I do the transfer amount that they require it hope everything will end but later the still call and text me ,even threaten me the they will lock and print and burn my home .and now they are still call me for it . I am super lost now .and what should I do and will they truly come to my home and do it . I need some advice for you all .
Are you Singaporean and staying in Singapore ?
If yes, then no worry.
Faster go and make police report.
Those are scammer.
They can't do anything to harm you.
They only can manipulate those naive or low IQ people only.
I believed you are not naive or low IQ people.
So no worry about them.
Trust the Singapore Police 100% and follow their instructions after you had made the police report.
If you're still poor at 35, you deserve it!
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