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? Where did u get this from?

I just said, jp has nothing special except for the 20 tickets at start. Will not be restarting just for that since I had been playing tw, then gl for quite a while.

Jp is the same game, and is the last version to start. So events, fixes and enhancements like Elwin's enhancement will be the slowest.

And this game needs some communication. Unless I know the language well, how am I going to communicate to others in joint battle and arrange with others for guild battle timings.

Well.. if I really start, I will probably be only using 'バカ野郎' on people who auto in joint battles. Lol.
iím asking Taiwan got the free 20 tickets when start mah? Lol I dun think so bah. Ya grind so hard Liao restart also no pt . Communication is a key also .
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