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Yes trust spf, even they come and slash paint of what they sure kena caught wan. Setting fire at door is a serious offend in Singapore, can be charge under murder which is death penalty. Culpable homicide is also liable for a heavy penalty too.


First of all STAY CALM.

Good that you have made a Police Report.

Next, block their calls. Use apps like Call Blocker by Vlad Lee. Only allow calls in your contact list to go thru. Install this app for your parents. For the time being remove whatsapp from your hp. Use telegram instead and set security accordingly. The idea is to prevent them from able to contact you from any form of media.

Next, change bank account as advise. If they send some more report to I/O and hold on to it. Don't transfer them even 1 cent.

Next, install CCTV.

I believe you can explain to your parents that you are scammed. Show them the police report that you are not hiding anything. Your family WILL understand, I'm sure of it. We always protect our own in crisis even if they did something wrong. You will be surprise.

Be ready to dial 999, if they visit you. The runners are usually victims in trouble who are scared too.

I and the rest also panic when it happened to us during the 1st week. Gets better as days goes by. Most of these scams only virtual scare tactic, never dare face to face with you.

No victims where harm, only doors, gates and letterbox only.

Now you feel confuse,panic and afraid. Soon when you are calm and collected, confirm you will get angry.

Remember, this is Singapore. Trust in SPF.
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