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OK I see. Then I don't try Windscribe.

Thinking of trying ExpressVPN cos they also have 30-day money back guarantee.
Express VPN is the best VPN or at least the most well known VPN from what I gathered. But it is in general more expensive than others. Chances are that you will like it in the trial and then pay for it. Maybe you can try cheaper options first before going to ExpressVPN.

NordVPN is actually one of the best value in the VPN world if you consider only established vendors and not new comers like Surfshark.

No one really needs 100Mbps unless you are doing torrent of piracy video which is not really the right thing to do anyway.

The following is only for reference but you can see NordVPN to be an a popular choice for different categories.

Disclaim: I am not an NordVPN user. Not even a paid VPN user now, only use Windscribe free 10GB Plan occasionally for public wifi, Transocks ads supported version occasionally for China Geo-blocked content, and then use Shadowsocks provider inside China occasionally. So far not feeling the need to pay anything yet. If I need an VPN, most likely it will be NordVPN or because of China visit. And probably SpeedIn for China Geo blocked content if I am bored with Youku VIP.

So take my input with a grain of salt...

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