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Thank you for your time to reply. Will certainly consider NordVPN. It is the one time payment for 3yrs that puts me off. Perhaps I should just bite the bullet and subscribe to it.

Price: 3 year plan is USD2.99 per month, so it is relatively cheaper than most VPNs. Risk is, will they still be here after 3 years? Also after subscribed, remember to turn off auto-renewal.

Speed: Ok for webpages, like surfing forums or even playing games. But occasionally getting longer page load times. Pretty shitty speeds for larger downloads though e.g. I update Play Store apps on 4G with VPN and it was slower by 10 times than no VPN. Downloading 70MB makes a whole lot of difference.

Privacy: I guess standard, not much to worry. Went to some check IP sites after connecting to different country servers, gave me different IPs each time.

Ease of use: 6 devices simultaneously, haven't had the chance to test 7 devices lol. For me works fine for PC, Android phone, iPad so far.
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