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How true isit that AS often gets lower-grade GPUs/CPUs from intel/nvidia? Just stresstested my Prime 15 7700HQ and GTX 1060 and both scored worse than the industry average Not to mention failing the 3dMark stress test lulz
NVIDIA or Intel chips do not come at different quality levels. It's the same across the board and their quality control is surely strict with these big MNC companies. If there is any performance difference, it would only be down to thermals on your prime 15. Simply put, higher temps = clock speed drops. Aftershock gets their stuff from clevo who also supplies to huge brands like ORIGIN PC and SAGER. I believe covers many of the clevo systems which usually perform above average, especially for the bigger models.

As for the slate, the straits times did a review, and the slate performed better than other similarly configured models. The article also mentioned lower temps for the model with the new cooling system which further illustrates that systems display different performance based on thermal performance in this generation.

I'd suggest you get them to check your thermals if you feel there is an issue. The P950 that the prime 15 is based on has also been reviewed on with decent scores.
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